What is Agrimech Africa?

Agrimech Africa Ltd is an Agricutural Mechanization Company of Companies with

Selection and Sales; Dairy and Apiary; Crop production, aggregation, value-addition

and marketing.

Equipment Production and Training; Agronomic and Livestock Input Safety,

Tractor Powered Mechanization Services for Conservation Farming; Artisanry,

Entrepreneur Farmer Empowerment and Extension Services; Manual, Animal and

various value-chain service-specializations including Agribusiness Training and

Background :

Agrimech Africa Ltd has the aim of powering rural farmers and communities with agricultural mechanization; to reduce drudgery of farm operations, modernize their farming, grow their agribusiness systems and improve their livelihoods through increased food production and access to the market.
AAL was founded with the motivation of exploiting the intellectual property, knowledge (IPN) and experience gained under an NGO, AGRIMECH and five other companies (Destination Holdings Ltd, Artesian Ltd, Lotech Ventures Ltd, Mt Kenya Gardens and Hydratech Uganda) for business. AGRIMECH, under the leadership of the founding Director and vision carrier of AAL had been involved in extensive training in Conservation Agriculture Value Chains through mechanization and improving the use and management of manual, animal and motorized power systems in farming and transportation operations for the previous 22 years.

Full Range Mechanization Services

(Plant, Spray, Harvest, Add value, 1st & Last mile Transport)


Soilcare and Input Supplies



Training & Youth Small-Mech Scheme

Why is your investment safe with Agrimech?

- We have had 25 years of LEARNING HOW the Genious and Risk-Averse smallholder farmers

(Business persons) ADOPT and EXTENT of adoption of technologies.

- We now know adoption of technology for them is not a YES or NO Outcome


- SH Farmers LEARN about a technology, ASSESS it and EXPERIEMENT with it,

then ACT on their assessment, to ADOPT, DISADOPT or USE in a small area!

- This Process takes time: The Hub IN CLOSE-PROXIMITY and presented with a

SERVICE-PROVISION approach, , FAST-TRACKS everything.

- Hub PRESENCE allows for adoption to be TRIED, TESTED & ADOPTED. The market-link

builds a PERFECT STORM in the Progress of the ADOPTION PROCESS.

Current status:

- Recruited and stabilized 400+ farmer clientele in One Season.

- 50,000+ farmers are potential clientele already involved in other ways, with AAL companies.

- Raised USD 12,948 Gross and achieved a 48% Profit Margin.

- We have 2 no. 4WT, 4 no. 2WT, no-till planters, air-seeder for fine seed, sprayers, hay,

potato and transport equipment.

- Partnered with Farm Mechanization and Conservation Agriculture for Sustainable

Intensification (FACASI) Project

Intensification (FACASI) Project

- SNV and Potato Seed company partnership to build on Winner: Kenya Innovation Engine

-Feed the Future (USAID)

Future Plans:

- Expand the existing hub by introducing more equipment and offering services to

several market-linked value chains including sorghum and French beans etc

- Expansion into more hubs and create hot-spots around the country. The first one

being in Tharaka Nithi for Sorghum value chain.

- Expansion of service offering to include crop and livestock produce aggregation,

storage and value-addition centers for specific market-linked value-chains

- Absorb the Competition through UBER and Agribusiness Excellence Hubs where

we have gained the Trust and we have The Experience

- Projection of a gross income of KES 14.4 mn in 2018 and 26.35mn in 2019, in farm

machinery services alone.

Value Chains & Clientele Reached

-Maize & Beans (Food),

- Wheat & Sorghum (Aggregators, Drought Mitigating),

- Potato (SNV, Market), Livestock Feed (Rescue Channel)

- 441 Farmers served in 2 no. Different ½ seasons, 1 with only 3 pieces of Equipment

- We raised Ksh 1,294,825 (US$ 12,948) with start-up expenses amounting to Ksh 670,490

(US$ 6,705),

a 48% Profit Margin.

Established Market

- Sorghum Aggregator has 17000 farmers, all beating the ripe sorghum heads with a stick

(Can make 6k per hour per 12 hour day per thresher for 3 weeks)

- Potato is grown in the entire North and East of Mt Kenya. Agrimech has Dutch Seed company

partnership and some 441 farmers in Organized Farmer Clusters. . Bayer has contracted 2000

farmers and has market. SNV has some 500 active farmers and a colleague is building

a processing factory in Nanyuki.

- BIDCO wants all the Soya and Sunflower Agrimech can supply. SoyAfric is a competing buyer.

- Meru Greens has a French Bean factory at EPZ and farm in Naivasha needing mechanization

(Min 16 tonnes per week).

Established Market

- India Market is in pursuit of all Quality Pulses our farmers can grow.

- Kilimo Hifadhi SACCO & Mt Kenya Buuri Multi-purpose Co-Op Society has an

exporter seeking Snow, Garden and other Peas. Their 53 cu m borehole needs

to be converted to Solar, to make business sense. Renewable Energy is an Agrimech


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