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Jason Marangu Kurea

Jason Marangu Kurea

Farmer Leader and Hub Host

Jason Marangu Kurea is not only the name of a farmer, extension agent and leader, it is the name of an “Institution”. This ‘Institution” is currently the host of the Agrimech Mechanization Hub serving the Meru-Laikipia and Tharaka-Nithi (County) zones it can reach. It is also the Farmer Service Centre (FSC) of the Farm to Market Alliance of World Food Programme and Cereal Growers Association.
Marangu is a self-made farmer of excellence and championship delivery in all aspects of farming. Despite never receiving any main-stream academic education walk into his 8-acre farm and you feel like you have walked into a 50-acre training and demo-farm for crop and livestock par excellence. Jason is a walking library of farming knowledge. His outstanding farm, located in Kibirichia, Meru has all manner of technological applications, such as potato seed production unit, solar pumped water-pan, biogas installation, full range of mechanization etc. Mr Marangu has had all manner of value-chain collaborator in the past and present. He is a Certified Clean Seed producer of KALRO. His many undertakings in learning and sharing are well expressed by the range of Certificates hanging on his simple walls of an experience loaded farm-office. These range from events and courses attended, to professional recognitions and action-recognitions of various technological applications. Three key Certificates he has are; Certificate of Recognition from Bayer East Africa in covering last mile reach to serve farmers, Certificate of participation in farm to market alliance projects as a Farmer Service Centre, Certificate of recognition from FAO for outstanding performance in the field of food security.
Mr Marangu is a passionate farmer trainer with 40-years hands-on experience to share. The father of 2 says he loves agriculture because it strengthens the economy. He loves sharing in travel where he makes new friends and reading the Bible.