Henry Mwiti

Director and Hub Manager

15+ years of self-employment and entrepreneurship advancing from aggregating milk from smallholders in the village and delivering these to local hotels to an artisan in the local market fabricating windows and doors, advancing to agricultural equipment like planters and shellers. Animal power service provider to farmers advancing from multi-operation Ramptstad plow set to CSA equipment like the Fitarelli direct planter (on unploughed land). Progression to advanced farming operations for self and for fellow farmers to grow exceptional knowledge of farm power applications, agronomic knowledge and post-harvest and value-addition services including rural transport. A man of incredible hands on energy and passion, a problem solver and consultant for all manner of farm power and equipment applications. A man of many Firsts, including rainwater harvesting, green house farming, Tuktuk transport, pig farming, etc.

A born innovator, entrepreneur and community leader per excellence with roles in community schools, farmer groups and other business and micro-finance entities. Greatly familiar with the challenges of smallholder farming be-it in crop (cereals, pulses, tubers etc.) or livestock value-chains. A networker and friend of everyone, with ability to mobilise, influence, serve and empower community members in unique ways including quick adoption of change and its management. Pioneer in 4-Wheel Tractor for smallholder services, advancing the experience from manual, to animal, to 2-Wheel and to 4-Wheel tractor applications for a farmer-pocket friendly new way, safe for the soil health and general environment