Dr. Pascal G. Kaumbutho PhD CEng MIAgrE

Champion, Chairman and Managing Director

30+ years in rural engineering and development, engaging stakeholders in innovative ways at all levels of agriculture and horticulture value chains. After climbing up to the top and back down from the Ivory Tower (University Snr Lecturer and back to rural development), he is founder of a technology transfer and rural development NGO (KENDAT) where he has been CEO until end of March 2017.

For some 23 years, Pascal has grown KENDAT and himself in many innovative and challenging ways. He has employed and advanced fellow engineers, veterinarians, environmentalists and social entrepreneur trainers of repute, to empower farmers in self-discovery journeys from subsistence to business farming. Seeking fuller experience and meaning, Pascal is today an established farmer and marketing entrepreneur and employer, a practicing believer in trade as the panacea for Africa’s Agribusiness-led revolution.

He has some 25 years’ experience in Engineering for Rural Development, having fund-raised an average of US$ 1 million per year from donors, specialising in smallholder-appropriate farm power and transport applications to enhance land and labour productivity in leading agribusiness support. His efforts are reported to have influenced some 1 million farmers’, farming and agribusiness habits, to-date. He has some 50 acres of own farmland that apply conservation agriculture (CA) principles and run on solar powered irrigation into drip lines, saving 70% of labour input and using 10 to 20% of irrigation water. Pascal has featured in many academic, professional, farmers’ and other public fora, TV shows like Smart Farmer and Radio Programmes like Mtunze Punda Akutunze (Nurture the Donkey to Nurture You). His flagship undertakings are in application of draft animals, 2-Wheel tractors, and farm power in general, among various innovative approaches to rural agribusiness development, using the one-stop-shop concept for farmer mobilization and support, and group approaches for technology transfer, value-addition and holistic (market-linked) value-chain intervention.