Pauline Ngari MBA

Strategy, Policy and Empowerment Director

  • Microfinance practitioner
  • Staff development and mentorship.
  • Youth Talent, Life skills & Career development mentor and Coach.
  • Organization’s start up skills.
  • Business Development & Corporate Governance Management skills
  • Programs and Project Management Skills
  • Fundraising & Resource mobilization skills.
  • Building Organizational partnerships.

Among other hands on skills Pauline Ngari has over twenty-five years’ experience of women and micro-entrepreneurship in Kenya. She has helped to transform the economic prospects of a quarter of a million poor rural Kenyan women – enabling them to access the loans and knowledge they needed to run their own businesses and move out of poverty. Pauline built her career as a microfinance banker by focusing not on the bottom-line, but on the people at the bottom of the pyramid. She ran the credit operations of the Kenya Women Finance Trust, the largest sub-Saharan microfinance institution focused solely on women, as general manager. Pauline was instrumental in channelling micro-credit to young Kenyan mothers starting up businesses, pioneering an approach which was adopted by a national Women’s’ Enterprise Fund launched subsequently by the Kenyan government. She also contributed to framing Kenya’s microfinance bill.

In 2011 Pauline set up Hand in Hand Eastern Africa. Under her leadership, it has already supported the creation of 330,000 in Kenya and Rwanda, 80% of which are women-led family businesses – more than the entire number of new formal business registrations in the whole of Kenya over a similar period. Pauline is currently serving as Council member for Laikipia University and other schools board to provide strategic direction to the Institutions.