Stanley Muriuki

Director: Farmer Marketing and Training

20+ years of years of self-employment and entrepreneurship advancing from smallholder farmer to service provider, building on excellent and award winning skills in draft animal power utilization and advancing these from ploughing and planting maize to drill-seeding wheat and hay, advancing to pioneer conservation agriculture power and machinery applications from provider to hands-on trainer across the country and region.

Animal power service provider familiar with what it means to get to farm by 5am after walking draft oxen some 15 km one way, camping and offering services far away from home for days on-end. Like the Brother who he trained in draft animals (Henry, featured above) advancing from multi-operation Ramptstad plow set to CSA equipment like the Fitarelli direct planter (on unploughed land). Progression to advanced farming operations for self and for fellow farmers to grow exceptional knowledge of farm power applications, agronomic knowledge and post-harvest and value-addition services including rural transport.

A man of incredible confidence able to present to international conferences the farmer’s’ experience and the role of farm power and conservation agriculture in a voice that is truly the farmers’ one (complete with broken English and classy vocabulary). A networker and marketer par excellence with lots of energy and passion that rubs on whoever he meets. A consultant trainer of farm power and equipment applications. A church and community leader, innovator and entrepreneur.

A trusted community mobiliser and member of several project and country level leadership positions. An overly certified and featured farmers an CSA pioneer seen in books, TV documentaries etc. Holistically and first-hand familiar with the challenges of smallholder farming be-it in crop (cereals, pulses, tubers etc.) or livestock value-chains. A networker and friend of many, with unique ability in the knowledge of agrochemicals and their use, a “mobile Agro-Vet” operator ready to share and earn a shilling at the same time. (Like the Brother) a pioneer in 4-Wheel Tractor for smallholder services, advancing the experience from manual, to animal, to 2-Wheel and to 4-Wheel tractor applications for a farmer-pocket friendly new way, safe for the soil health and general environment.